The Primary is in the rear-view mirror – the march to November continues…


·FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2016



“Feels like Victory!”

I want to take this opportunity to thank those of you in Congressional District Three who supported us in the Primary Election – and also those of you who support us but could not directly take part in the Democratic Party.

This campaign is about representing THE PEOPLE of Congressional District Three, not just one party, and not just one candidate’s supporters in the Presidential Race. District Three, which extends from the banks of the Delaware River to the Atlantic Coast, crossing the larger fraction of both Burlington and Ocean Counties, is comprised of over 760,000 voters in 53 communities.

I am honored to be the standard-bearer for the Democratic Party in this election, and am humbled that so many independents and even Republican voters are supportive of our efforts, as well.

Our primary Federal Issues, (“Five Points”), are far from the only issues we’re addressing, but they will represent the lion’s share of our message. I hope you will review the link, above, and add your input – your “voice” – to the efforts in establishing and refining policy.
There will be four choices on the ballot in the General Election for this office, as both the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party have fielded candidates for this office.

In the interest of fairness, I will be demanding equal access to debates for the other two candidates.

Our district is comprised of roughly 50% Unaffiliated voters, 32% Democratic voters, and only 18% Republican voters.

It would hardly be appropriate for ONLY the incumbent and I to be included in debates. I am confident that our positions on the issues of greatest importance to those who actually live here will deliver us a victory in November – and welcome fair and open debate.

We will seek a minimum of EIGHT opportunities to take to the podiums, together – largely because it would give the voters clarity in their choice, this November.

Eight debates may seem excessive, but there are specific issues that I will not allow to be shunted aside in favor of the typical “bi-partisan pillow-fights” we’ve seen in years past.

I WILL NOT debate “by video conference”, or from a radio/studio – as I know my Republican counterpart has used technology and “handlers” to assist him in past appearances (specifically in the “on air” debate with Steve Lonegan on the “Dom Giordano Show” during the 2014 Primary, for example), providing him with on-the-spot input and an advantage over his opponent unseen by the listening audience.
I have also attended editorial review boards in the past where candidates have actually brought “handlers” into the room with them (2012 – both major party candidates).

To gain the true measure of the candidate, he/she needs to be speaking from their own heart and mind, in their own words – not those of “handlers” and spin-doctors.

A debate is, for all intents and purposes, a “thesis defense” for a candidate’s platform.

A defense of YOUR thesis is not given by your instructors.

I mention this because we have already been approached by a venue/media outlet (Town Square Media) that previously hosted a live debate, (in which my opponent came off very poorly), with the proposal that the debate be “phoned in”, at the request of my opponent and his staff.  After the shellacking he took last time, I’m not surprised.


The voters should “know what they’re buying”, and are, frankly, fairly tired of representatives who “phone it in”.

The turnout in this primary affirmatively proved exactly what we have been touting all along – that the district most needs a “Centrist” to best align with the voters and their positions on the many issues we’re facing.
Our victory on June 7th was nothing short of a mandate – but that is in the past.
As we move forward to November, I will be visiting all 53 towns in the district SEVERAL TIMES – and holding “town-hall-style” meetings at least once in each.

Our schedule will be posted as each venue is added – with the hope to have filled our “dance card” by July 1.

We intend several regional “summits” and/or conferences on specific issues related to our platform – and will announce those as soon as locations and dates are confirmed.

Expected topics for these include, but are not limited to:

·Jobs and Infrastructure
· Health Care Reforms
· Social Security Reforms
· Veterans’ Issues
· Environmental Issues

Sound familiar?

They should – they’re the same “Five Points” listed above.

We will also host workshops on many specific local issues, in aid of our County and Municipal Candidates and THEIR agendas.

Our Community “Barnstorming” tours will continue, only now with our County Candidates “in tow”.

Those will sometimes be announced in advance, and sometimes, intentional community “surprises” – especially when we show up at local council meetings, MUA meetings, and Board of Education meetings – (again, unannounced, so you just never know…)

Keep visiting to find out when we will be in your neighborhood.
Thank you, again, for your continued support.
Frederick John LaVergne, “Democrat for Congress”

To learn more about what we’re about, click here –

Blue url congress



Memorial Day

Originally written in November of 2011, this song came to me after I pulled over to the side of the road one eveing, shaken by a sign I had just passed on Route # 70 (Lakehurst). The highway sign had been illuminated with a message of respect for the family of the fallen, Corporal Larry Ott.

I scribbled it down, and, when I got home, picked up my guitar and harmonica and worked through the melody. As I can’t read music, I haven’t written that down, but intend to have it “translated”.

GSM flag

For Corporal Ott and family:

She sits quietly
On a folding chair
Hands in her lap
With a vacant stare

A tear on her cheek
For her little man
Who gave his life
In a foreign land

He stands erect
His face is hard
In staunch respect
He leads the honor guard

For the fallen man
He has never seen
He holds back the tears
For a brother marine

Seven rifles crack
In the fading sun
Three volleys’ echoes fade
The notes of “Taps” begun

She looks up at him
And she tries to smile
Her eyes ask of the man
Was it all worthwhile?

He gives grateful thanks
For a Nation served
Then he whispers soft
Only barely heard

“When I look at you,
I wish it had been me.
Some never count the cost -
Freedom isn’t free”

He holds a folded flag
In his dress-white gloves
For the lost marine
And a mother’s love

He passes her the flag
Trying not to cry
And she looks up at him,
And whispers “Semper Fi”

The young marine
stands again erect.
And gives a last salute
Of deepest respect

The token giv’n,
In her upturned face
A knowing smile appears
Holding pride of place.

And in that smile
The young man comes to find
Sometimes the bravest ones
Are those left behind

And this young marine
Standing straight and tall
Knows that all gave some,
And that some gave all.

fjl. copyright 2011

Why Frederick John LaVergne for Congress?

Why Frederick John LaVergne for Congress?

 “You can calculate the worth of a man by the number of his enemies, and the importance of a work of art by the harm that is spoken of it.” – Gustave Flaubert

America is at a crossroads.  We hear this every four years, but, this time, it really means something.

There is a groundswell of support for the unorthodox, stereotype-breaking, independent thinkers…those who can look at a problem and see solutions, not opportunities for personal gain at the expense of their fellows.

I am reviled by the establishment, and, in this era, that’s a good place to be.  They have fought me at every turn during the primary process, and it will only get worse.  They know what we represent to the “friends and family plan”.  We mean to break the status quo, and take back our Counties for the citizens who live here.

We have five primary foci in this campaign.  These are far from the only things we’re working on, but they are the ones most important to the people of the District.

1)      Jobs and Infrastructure

2)      Social Security Solvency

3)      National Health Care for All

4)      Veterans Issues

5)      The Environment

Briefly described -

1)      For Jobs and Infrastructure, we naturally propose that funding be set aside for improving our roads, storm drains systems damaged in Hurricane Sandy, our aging bridges, and more.  We propose a flood control system be put in place with the help of the Army Corps of Engineers, blocking storm surge at the inlets.

We propose expanding the purpose of the JBMDL, using vacant classroom space for educating returning military personnel in union trades – good jobs, union jobs, and a living wage, should be there for our troops when they return to civilian life.

We further propose that, rather than lip service being paid, brownfields in CD3 be addressed, with action taken against the original polluters, which will create many jobs in remediation.  Plenty of that work is shovel ready at JBMDL, as well.

We are looking to bring alternative energy manufacturing right here to CD3…why?  Because we have a need, and the ability to fulfill that need.

2)      For Social Security Solvency, the answer has always been there, but it has been a matter of “political will” rather than “political won’t” to get it done.

By simply REMOVING the earnings cap, presently at $ 118,500 dollars, the tax now collected instantly makes Social Security permanently solvent – so much so that we could actually adjust the contributions downward, leaving more money in the pockets of those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder, while potentially also carefully upwardly adjusting benefits to a living stipend for those dependent on the “retirement insurance” they paid for over a lifetime of labor, who are watching a diminishing dollar and rising costs hobble their sunset years.  Sufficient funds would even be able to be tasked to subsidize health care expenditures and education funding, including a reduction in rates for existing student loan indebtedness.


3)      No one should have to die because they can’t afford care, or be financially broken because of illness in the family – something very personal to me and my loved ones.  I have supported “Health Care for All” since I was first registered as a Democrat in 1980.  I have criticized the present plan for reasons that are now proven to have been correct, but it wasn’t prescience that proved me right – it was an application of common sense.  When a bill takes 7200 pages to provide a new THIRD health care bureaucracy, something’s wrong with the system that put it together.  Like a gas-guzzler from the 1970’s, that thirsty bill siphoned off funds from other public programs due to inefficiencies.  I support National Health Care for All, and will defend it with my every breath.  My whole family, with the exception of two union employees and active duty and retired military, are part of that health care system.  A streamlining of both care approvals and physician payment is in order.  We have three bureaucracies serving one public need.  Consolidation makes sense.  The cost reductions will make “Obama-Care” work.  Like that 70’s guzzler, it’s amazing what mileage you can get out of it once you tune it up.


4)      Veterans Issues are manifold, and actually overlap many of our other programs and proposals.  Support for veterans’ health care, specifically in the area of mental health, as an enhancement of the present Affordable Health Care process, makes sense.  No veteran should have to wait to see a physician, a dentist, or a counselor.  The present system sets a “goal” of “40/30” – “forty miles/thirty days” – as the standard of care, and it is a standard they consistently fail to meet.  There is a top-heavy bureaucracy in the ADMINISTRATION of Health Care, both in the VA and in the private sector – and these administrative positions are rife with patronage appointees in do-nothing roles, that siphon off assets and time from the mission of care.  They fiercely guard their petit kingdoms.  The caregivers/providers themselves are, by and large, angels of mercy for our bravest. There is a term – “Goffal” – in the Canadian Lexicon, that is most apropos, here. A corruption (pun intended) of “Government Official”, these members of the “Department of Redundancy Department” are why your tax bills and our deficit continue to spiral upward out of control.  Auditors and red pens are needed.  Hard decisions in favor of care over “care of favors” are necessary.


5)      Our Environment.  We are very blessed to live here in Congressional District Three. We have some of the most beautiful and pristine wildlands in the Nation right here in our back yard, but our pinelands, our bay, our ocean, and our river systems are all at risk.

I have been an advocate for our environment since the days of Project SOAR in the 1970’s, when I was a Scout.  I know every town in this district, and most every path through the pines, and every bay and creek in our parks and preserves.  These places are holy, to me.  Anyone who knows me knows that.  I will not allow them to be sullied or destroyed.


The establishment folks are scared.  The rank-and-file are awakening.  No longer willing to live as sheep, they are rising up all over the United States….all over New Jersey…and right here, in Congressional District Three.

Our District runs from the Delaware River to the Atlantic Ocean, and our seat in Congress represents over 760,000 persons – over 90,000 of which are veterans or family of veterans, and over 100,000 seniors/retirees.  They know what kind of representation they want.  They know what they were promised in the past.  They also know what was not delivered by those who made those promises.

You’re not electing my wallet.  You’re not electing my wardrobe.  You’re electing a Representative to Congress, who will fill his duffle bag with your needs, and deliver them to the hopper on the side of the podium on the floor of the House of Representatives.  I’m not walking around asking you to fill that bag with checks.  I am asking you to fill it with tasks, goals, and even dreams, for a better district.  I LIVE HERE.  YOU MATTER TO ME, and I’ve proven it for decades.

Elect me to Congress, and you will see one thing, for certain.

I’ll deliver the mail.

To support us –



So much for “one person = one vote” in Ocean County

Members of the Ocean County Democratic Committee who did NOT attend the mini-convention – and I mean all of Ocean County, not just CD3 – should read the following article, so that they understand what needs to be fixed within their own organization.…/lawsuit-challenges-constitutionali…/

Broken voting machine

Here are the rules you were never shown, and which were never voted on…THIS is what happened.

Too bad, Mr. Leitner. We hit back. I see you’re up for a sweetheart job from George Gilmore, though… NOTE who # 11 is in the article……/lawyers-carve-up-toms-river-school…/

(Further note he has ZERO School Board Representation Experience).

Don’t mistake confidence for arrogance. We knew where things stood – and so did they. This was their last-ditch effort to thwart the inevitable.

If you support us in Ocean County, chime in!


Tammany Ballot



The First “Memorial Day”

We are taught some of the history of this holiday, but only rarely its true beginning.

“Decoration Day” is not the first chapter – read on…

mem day legend

Memorial Day was started by former slaves on May, 1, 1865 in Charleston, SC to honor 257 dead Union Soldiers who had been buried in a mass grave in a Confederate prison camp. They dug up the bodies and worked for 2 weeks to give them a proper burial as gratitude for fighting for their freedom. They then held a parade of over 10,000 people led by 2,800 Black children where they marched, sang and celebrated.

I am so pleased this photo survives to commemorate the event.  On my next trip to the Archives of the United States, I will take some time to see if others are extant.


Hate “Citizens United v FEC”? Here’s a fix even SCOTUS can’t block.


Where the whores meet

Follow the link, below, to view a non-justiciable solution to the hated “Citizens United v FEC” decision.


We know they won’t sign it – but that’s reason to consider replacing those who won’t.

My opponent this Fall DOUBLED his net worth since taking the seat in 2015 – and he was already wealthy with funds earned by…well, that’s for another day.

I’ve signed the actual pledge every year since it was introduced.



“Men are Cooking” Event – JFK Center, Willingboro (sponsored by AKA)


Dear Ms. Giles, Ms. Koon, and the sisterhood of Alpha Kappa Alpha:

I am most grateful to the Phi Mu Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, their charitable arm, “People Motivating Others”,  and to the community at large for inviting me to join in the fun at the 7th Annual “Men are Cooking” event at the John F. Kennedy Center in Willingboro.

The selection of entrees, desserts, vegetable courses, and, of course, the wine sampling (I didn’t partake, but I know it was enjoyed by many), were highlights, but I most enjoyed the “throw-down” with the four “Pastors’ Cook-Off” contestants.  Mayor C. Andre Daniels of Westampton put it best, when asked “Who won?”….Charity!  (Okay, maybe “second most” – the Jazz ensemble was amazing, and I could hear it from my “spot” whenever they were playing.)


The event supports scholarship funds provided by the Chapter, which has provided support in meeting the needs of Burlington County Communities on many levels, from education and environmental issues to public health and cultural awareness programs.  This powerful organization has been responsible for many positive programs and events.


Representatives from the American Heart Association were in attendance, as well, and shared a wealth of knowledge on healthy eating habits.  I have been invited to return, next year, and promised to make a batch of the 5-Bean Beef Chili under Cornbread with a substitution of Turkey, for those who avoid red meat.

All of the recipes I had the opportunity to sample were outstanding.

There are many who deserve my thanks – and, please know, you have them.


It was humbling to be on the receiving end of such an outpouring of support, one-on-one, throughout the evening, from old friends and new.  Thank you for the opportunity to share in this evening with you.


Frederick John LaVergne, Democrat for Congress
New Jersey’s Third Congressional District, 2016


On a personal note, special consideration and thanks are due to many, particularly sister Amanda Koon, Esq., who attended Seton Hall University Law School with my younger brother, for extending the original invitation, and to Ann Giles, President of the ‘People Motivating Others’ Board of Directors…and to the many ladies and gentlemen who made last night’s festivities a roaring success.

Further – I know I said this, earlier, but the DJ did a fantastic job, as did the Jazz Ensemble, and I was privileged to be positioned to enjoy both, in turn, while serving.

Lastly, (Because I was asked):

Five-Bean Beef Chili under Cornbread is more of a technique than a recipe.  Everyone has their own favorite chili, and their own ideas of how spicy or mild chili should be.  What we do in our home to make it for large groups is to make the chili on the mild side – (because it’s easier to make it hotter than it is to “chill it down”).  The cornbread batter is prepared while the chili, lining the bottom of the pan, is raised to the baking temperature of 400 degrees.  Simply “frost” the chili with about ¾” to 1” of the batter, spreading with a thin spatula. The cornbread bakes directly over the chili, forming a crust.  When the cornbread is done, the dish is ready to serve.  It even makes a great dessert, when served chilled – the texture of the beans and the sweetness of the cornbread play well together.



The best compliment I heard last night was the dish being referred to as “chili candy”.  I shared that with my wife when I got home, and she felt it was most appropriate.  I couldn’t agree more.

There were many pictures taken, but I’m not a “selfie-stick” kind of guy…I’ll have to ask that any of me  be shared by those who took them.  I don’t make a pretty picture in an apron and toque, but, then, I’ve never eaten anything by accident, either.


UPDATE – here’s a pic – you were warned ;)


New Jersey's Third Congressional District